Retraced Memories

With this photographic work, I seek to question the veracity of memory recollection. Presented below is my outline of how memory is overwritten, skewed, and perpetuated in a state of neurological flux. Our minds inhabit a state of constant flexibility, never neurologically linked in the same fashion as the previous moments. Distant recollections become rearranged, and tangled in the knotty linkage of neurological networks. Combined with a visually potent photo object, childhood mementos can resurface absurdist realities.

A portion of this project is published in the Neuroscience issue of Seisma Magazine

Retracing Memories

Mementos of my childhood bask in a distant, fuzzy glow.

I pick up a photo, replaying the context.

I place it at a further distance away.

Memories are malleable.

Each time I reimagine a moment, I overwrite it.

It’s only slightly altered, my current perspective skewing the vision.

With every iteration, it deviates further.

Our minds are not dependable.

Photo objects serve as monuments.

They appear steadfast in their meaning.

With time, their context becomes skewed.

Photos alter our memories.

The more I recollect a moment, the more I disconnect from it.

I forget my past self, only comprehending my current one.

Change is constant, the past is flexible.

A retracing of a memory generates a new one.

Thoughts? Questions? Similar Nostalgia?