Images in the Singularity

The project ‘Images in the Singularity’ addresses the rapid, unnoticed integration of technology into our mental structure. Through a series of principles in the accompanying manifesto, the work speculates on the state of the visual image in the future and its coexistence in expanded states of consciousness. The project draws on the unitary visions ofContinue reading “Images in the Singularity”

An Autoportrait of Sensory Experience Deconstructed in Virtual Space

An Autoportrait of Sensory Experience Deconstructed in Virtual Space depicts the hybridization of flesh into digital spaces. By compiling textures from the artist’s body, then projecting them onto sculptural textiles, there occurs a potent transfiguration of the human form. The bodily components are not selected by choice; they represent the points of intrusion into theContinue reading “An Autoportrait of Sensory Experience Deconstructed in Virtual Space”

Digitized Horticulture

Digitized Horticulture explores the confluence of analog and electronic textural processes. Originally photographed on analog film, the photos were experimentally processed through an experimental chemical process. The results were collaged through computer-guided textural tools. The final result melds dual sources of creative processing; analog material resting purely in the digital realm. This series was featuredContinue reading “Digitized Horticulture”

Retraced Memories

With this photographic work, I seek to question the veracity of memory recollection. Presented below is my outline of how memory is overwritten, skewed, and perpetuated in a state of neurological flux. Our minds inhabit a state of constant flexibility, never neurologically linked in the same fashion as the previous moments. Distant recollections become rearranged,Continue reading “Retraced Memories”

16 mm Films

Both of these films were produced on a 1930’s Bolex Camera, processed, and edited by hand. The only digital technology involved was through the digitization process, so that the tapes can be circulated through the internet. Enjoy 🙂 Childhood Dallas

Portraits: Personal Quips

Dallas 2019. I was walking around downtown with a camera. This man stopped me. “Hey take a picture of me. I’m from Cincinnati. I’ve been drifting my whole life. I’m gonna make a change in america. I want people to remember my face” Latvia 2019. I met Vladimir while hitchhiking just outside of Riga. HeContinue reading “Portraits: Personal Quips”

The Balkans — expressions of a grim past, & impressions of a bright future

For my photography class, we were instructed to draw inspiration from a famous artist and reinvent their style into a personal project. When I first opened Jim Goldberg’s Open See I certainly felt his power of storytelling, connections with people and ties to a geographic location. With more research, his art opened to a greater expanse;Continue reading “The Balkans — expressions of a grim past, & impressions of a bright future”