Mindful Miles: The End

It has been weeks now since I stopped biking. Triumph. Laying on the beach; elated, satisfied. Watching the waves, and reflecting on the road to get there. The end a puncture; tearing through the sands of the desert, washed into the waves. Into the limitless water…beyond, beyond, into the horizon. Completed. That didn’t happen. TheContinue reading “Mindful Miles: The End”

Mindful Miles: Decaying Moments

I’ve only seen the pavement and a few mountains of the west. Caught a kernel of sand, one of billions. Swirling, twisting into the clouds. Dust devils twirl in the cornfields, worked by sun-charred men wearing straw and distant gazes. Surrounding them, the desert encroaches. Grains dissipate.  One struck my eye. Blinked once, twice, toContinue reading “Mindful Miles: Decaying Moments”

Mindful Miles: Finding Solace in the Desert

Pain Rolling plains to big hills to desert. Vast, empty desert.  South of Austin the ground in Texas is hard rock. Thorns and scrub. Nails on the road.  Fractured wheels, pierced tubes. Broken spokes. Issues appear frequently. I’m radiated with the sun-rays. Beamed into the road, flattened, and exposed.  Pressing, pushing onto the asphalt. WithContinue reading “Mindful Miles: Finding Solace in the Desert”

Mindful Miles: The Beginning

A recap after day 2. 180 Miles in. If you’re here, you’ve heard about the endeavor. And you’ve probably asked why? It’s a logical question, albeit one with a long-winded, complicated answer that quite realistically I won’t know even in San Diego. The general gist: mindfulness. Pushing the miles is firstly a mental journey, secondlyContinue reading “Mindful Miles: The Beginning”