I am a writer and visual artist based nomadically.

Specializing in highlighting food, travel & technology.

With a belief there’s beauty in interconnection.

A Few Thoughts I’ve Published


Staff writer for Tasting Table

The communal spirit of the Mangal grill for Eater.com

Russian watermelon fixation for Sliced

Coffee’s Yemenese origins for CoffeeGeek

Pelmeni: Eurasian Pillows of Childhood for Tried & True Recipes

El Paso’s quintessential dishes for Matador

The Universal Expansion of the Dried Pepper for Tried & True Recipes

A jubilant cafe review of LA’s Dayglow for CoffeeGeek

The Wok’s Ancient Diaspora for Tried & True Recipes


Capturing the Hyperreal: An interview with Britton Powell for Clot Magazine

Runaway destructive algorithms for Cyberpunks.com

A synth opening worlds of spiritual enlightenment for Natural Music

A photographer visualizing entropy for Cyberpunks.com

Buckminster Fuller’s Geometric Universe for Cyberpunks.com

America’s Technopolized Bureaucracy for Cyberpunks.com


My experiences hitchhiking Tajikistan for Intrepid Times

An overview of Dallas Accommodation for Matador

The Intricate Politics of the Fergana Valley for GeoPerspective

Wakhan’s People Trapped by Taliban Invasion for GeoPerspective

Visual Art

Images in the Singularity exhibited for Loosenart in Rome

Digitized Horticulture exhibited for 500x in Dallas

Retraced Memories printed for Seisma Magazine

Travel Photography for the Sunlight Press

I also run a travel planning brand.

Ignite My Trip

I provide personalized trip itineraries for adventurous and hard-to-reach destinations. Through extensive research and detailed planning, I enable others to have wondrous lo travel experiences.

Feel free to send any inquiries, or a brief hello!

I would love to work with you.